Top 5 Composting techniques that we can do compost with easy way and it will be simple or sustainable solutions.

compost pit is one of the composting techniques which is  same as trench method, there are two methodes of compost pit  you can make one block or one enclosed square type bin

Compost Tumbler is one of the best example of in vessel Composting,  in vessel composting it is easy for mixing or turning , you can do natural compost by this methode.

Trench composting techniques is old method and which  is effective method of composting, it is simple method and good idea to dispose wet waste that attract rodents

We use Earthworm to convert wet waste into compost, that Earthworm are the friend of the farmers as they help the farmers to increase their yield by increasing the fertility of the soil

solar Compost Machine works on heat, mix, vent technology and carbon source.