You can Earn Money from Wet Waste... There are to many methods but you  just do Vermicomposting.  Do you know How to Do that?

Vermicompost is an important component of organic farming which boosts the immunity of your plants. We use Vermicompost as a granular organic fertilizer containing nutrients, hormones.

An Earthworm is an animal that lives in the soil and consumes organic matter. Vermicomposting is composting method ever .

Types of Earthworms: Epigeic : These earthworms live near the surface of the soil.  Their fertility rate is higher. They are small in size.

Types of Earthworms: Endogeic: These earthworms live up to a depth of three meters or more in the soil. They are long in size, pale in color and have a very low fertility rate. They mostly eat soil.

Types of Earthworms: Anecic : These earthworms usually live up to a depth of one meter in the soil and eat organic matter and soil. They are medium in size.

The growth of earthworms is best in manure. Their numbers increase exponentially to produce better quality vermicompost.