Solar Compost machine have multiple advantageous, it save your Electricity, it is maintenance free, Odor free, less expensive, Easy  to Use, convert your organic waste to Compost.

Waste can be convert into useful compost with Solar  Techniques Machine and gives best quality compost due to natural process.

Today Waste Problem becoming Too much serious and ordinary citizen are ignoring it, India generates more than 60milion tons of waste every day and 70% of waste cannot be Processed.

Maximum about 20% waste dumped at dumping Ground. if you considering about Whole Word, 11 billion ton of waste is generate, even then 50% of waste cannot be Process

to overcome this problem we developed one machine which convert your Organic waste into Compost by using Solar Technology. Solar Compost Machine Solve Waste Problem of daily generated waste.

This manual machine is easy to use, it is made from alluminum or stainless steel material,