Solar Compost Machine is good idea to dispose waste

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Solar Compost Machine is good idea to dispose waste:

Solve Waste Problem of daily generated waste.

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Solar Compost machine have multiple advantageous, it save your Electricity, it is maintenance free, Odor free, less expensive, Easy  to Use, convert your organic waste to Compost.  Waste can be convert into useful compost with Solar  Techniques Machine and gives best quality compost due to natural process.

Today Waste Problem becoming Too much serious and ordinary citizen are ignoring it, India generates more than 60milion tons of waste every day and 70% of waste cannot be Processed. maximum about 20% waste dumped at dumping Ground. if you considering about Whole Word, 11 billion ton of waste is generate, even then 50% of waste cannot be Process, to overcome this problem we developed one machine which convert your Organic waste into Compost by using Solar Technology. Solar Compost Machine Solve Waste Problem of daily generated waste.

Working Of  Solar Compost Machine:

This manual machine is easy to use, it is made from alluminum or stainless steel material, the solar compost machine works under sunrays , it works on electrical in rainy season. The machine works on ventilation technology and is controlled by a timer controller.

Basically the solar compost machine works on heat, mix, vent technology and carbon source.

The machine is divided into two parts, use the daily waste to fill the first part, it may take you 5 to 6 days, when the first part is full, you can use it to fill the second part, when the second part is full, you have to prepare compost in the first part. Yes, you can use this compost for the garden.

Solar powered composters are the best waste disposal manager in India, heating can be done with natural sunlight that maintains a temperature of 50 degrees Celsius, in the rainy season you have to add more carbon source to speed up composting, for mixing, you have to rotate crank Handel manually once in a day, for rotating cranking handle,  here provided high branded stainless steel shaft  with gear mechanism for operation.  machine will not stop working   under maintenance, Composting has a ventilation process to prevent odors, Composting can be made easier and faster due to ventilation. Carbon source is the main key or heart of composting, you need to add some carbon source to composting to increase the speed.  carbon source is basically a material made of branch such as sawdust, coat-peat, grass, dry leaves etc.

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It’s a way of life, where we turn everyday waste into green space for generations. This is exactly what we are contributing to the eternal world.
We use the aerobic decomposition method, which involves the action of bacteria on biodegradable organic waste at a temperature of 50-60 degrees. Celsius, resulting in quality compost.

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Why solar compost machine?

Solar compost machine
Solar is a free energy source we use to save and consume our electricity costs and to dispose of waste.

With the help of solar energy we can convert our daily waste into compost in less time.
The method is simple and yet effective. Garbage is first divided into wet waste and dry waste.
Wet waste was collected and divided into small particles to catalyze composting.

Solar Compost Machine

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We use solar energy to effectively convert wet waste into compost.
The solar compost machine is a patented pending device that combines technology with radiation from natural sunlight to create compost.
The machine saves the initial capital investment due to the lower cost than the electrical machine. Additional savings are made due to the use of solar energy.
Provides quality compost without any problems related to insects, worms, rats.
Composting time allowed in 6 days with batch type system to take your daily generated waste.
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