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Low Cost Manual Waste Shredder | Waste shredder manual

Manual waste shredder

It is Manual waste shredder which shred all kind of organic waste to compost in small particles, composting shredder shred waste and speed composting process, Manual Waste shredder is one type of grinding or chopping machine which cuts waste material into small particle and reduce volume of waste, it help to grow bacterial action during composting. due to manual shredder waste decomposes quick and it help to make compost in less period. When you following a composting Procedure , after segregation of wet waste , you follow second step of shredding waste. Some times cutting or chopping of wet waste manually is big and very difficult job, so we finding a low cost solution which cuts or shred wet waste with efficiently with automatic or Manual.

Waste can  divided in two types, 

1.organic waste

2.an inorganic waste.

Organic waste is all type of wet waste that can we make a compost while 

inorganic Waste you can not compost, it have some market value that you can shred into different double shaft shredder or chopper Shredder.

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First step to convert your organic waste into compost is shred all waste into small particles to speed composting.

How Does it Work?

Manual waste Shredder is shredding of all organic Waste Manually by rotating cranck Handel or chopping of Waste Manually. when you put or insert your waste on top hoper into shredder you just rotate handle provided and you will get small or cutting particles or Shredded waste at output side, you can collect this waste and use it for next steps for Composting.

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What are features of Manual Waste Shredder?

1. Manual Shredder is made up of stainless steel material its body 

2. Cutting blade is made up of SS304 grade stainless steel.

3. blade is sharpen and welded with  TIG welding

4. all parts are highly compact, and with good Quality.

Why this Shredder is Better?

1. Shredder is Made up of SS202 & SS304, which is highly compact, and maintenance free.
2. Easy to handle with manual rotating Cranking Handel, anyone can easily rotate this handle and can use this shredder.
3. It is low cost machine which you cuts your all types of organic waste instead manual cutting.

Working of Manual Waste Shredder:

Everyone know that Shredder is very important part in composting, without Waste Shredder it is a very difficult job to make compost within less time, you need proper shredded waste for fast composting Process.

This Shredder is Easy to operate , Handel Provided is use to rotate to make small particle of waste which is useful to make compost in easy way.

For better understanding you can see videos of Manual Shredder.

The main function of shredder is to cut waste into small particles, that small particles are easily processed with any processing or natural composting machine that create compost, due to shredder no more time taken to make compost, because natural decomposition occurs to small particle.
you can use this shredder to your kitchen, garden, home etc. 
due to manual process into shredder, shredder will not required any Electricity. you can shredd waste into this shredder with no limit, but on an average minimum 20-30kg daily waste you can shredd into the shredder.
you can add any type organic waste into shredder, if hard material found into shredder then you can rotate it reversly and take out this material out to increase life of shredder.

Can we shred chicken bones? 

Can we shred branches of leave etc?

most common question about this shredder asked to many people,  This manual shreder is made up of Stainless steel, blade is sharpen and have good quality parts to cut your waste but big bones can not cut into this shredder, this shredder is for food waste and garden waste, you can shred dry leaves or wet leaves but if  big branches of tree can not cut into this shredder.
you can shred any type of organic waste like fruits, meal leftover, kitchen waste onion, tomato, potato etc.

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How to Install manual Waste Shredder?

When you Order this shredder online , you will get parcel with disassemble  parts assemble it as per video instruction and you can use this shredder you can see following video indicates assemble of Manual Shredder.

So this shredder quality is best but you should care about this shredder to not use for commercial purpose. 
Company Klimrus Solution is manufacturing this Shredder and supply this shredder anywhere in India, for more details you can visit klimrus.

you can contact us to know more detail about this machine.