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 What is Shredder and how many types of Shredders

Most people are confused about a waste shredder suitable for crushing waste, what types of shredders are available on the market, what type of shredder items are installed, etc. So today in this post, we give you all the information about Shredder & types of Shredders. In general, composting is a process of recycling, reducing and reusing waste. You can turn any living waste into compost using simple techniques. Before you do something you should know more about what types of materials are needed, For example, you want to make compost and then you need to separate, Shredder, heating, mixing, equipment, treatment, etc. Shredder is therefore a key tool in waste management. a system used for recycling, recycling and minimizing property damage that material can be any type of object, Shredder is used for any type of waste, e-waste, dry waste, wet waste or field waste, etc. on trash items. If you are using a plastic bottle recycling shredder, you should grind it with small particles, and send them to make any recycling material. If you use a compost shredder, then cut out small particles and speed up the composting process. Shredder capacity depends on material volume wastage. This Shredder has a high rotational speed and the volume is high and low according to each requirement, the volume is measured in volume per hour. Suppose one of the hackers has a power of 1hp (horsepower) and its power is 50 kg / hr. Handling can be pumped up to 50 kg of waste per hour. below are some types of shredders explained in briefs,

Table of Contents

1.Kitchen Waste Shredder:

Grinding / mixing type

types of Shredders

The Kitchen Waste shredder used for all food waste produced in your home, Shredder shredd the waste and make compost in a short time. This type of shredder is made with MS or SS. Due to waste disposal Compost will be ready soon, this type of shredder has many designs.

a) Grinder type-

this type of shredder is a grinding or mixing type, you can put the waste on top of the shredder and you will get the output at the bottom, all the waste can be crushed into small particles and powder form. This Shredder Shred is all food waste that is made in the kitchen or restaurant etc. This Shredder has a high rotational speed and the volume is high and low depending on demand, the volume is measured in volume per hour. This Shredder is available in 1hp, 2hp, 3hp.

b) Chopper Type-

types of Shredders

usually this Shredder has a variety of chopper type is a very circular method with repair straps that can be cut into smaller particles and the output will enter through the net provided below. This Shredder can be used for wet waste or dry waste, this Shredder can be used for field waste as well. This Shredder is also available from 1hp to 7.5hp per need.

c) double shafted

types of Shredders

This type of crush shredder for any type of material can be dry or waste material this is the most advanced and best model that can be used by everyone, double shaft shredder has a good performance. This Shredder is available up to 15hp.

2.Medical Shredder:

types of Shredders

 This type of shredders is designed for a specific purpose, medical waste cannot be supplemented with wet waste and dry waste, this shredder is used for medical waste only, this shredder completely disposes of medical waste.

3. MSW crusher:

types of Shredders

The Municipal Waste Disposer is very well constructed and used in landfills. large waste can be disposed of in a short period of time. MSW shredder is used to crush dry waste and wet waste as well. Apart from this there are many types of shredder also available, and they can be customized according to our need.

apart from this type of shredders, there are more type of shredders available in market, to know more details about shredders and types of shredders you can visit klimrus company or ask in comment box if have any queries, thanks for reading please share this post to maximum people to know more about waste shredder.