My Composting Experience with a Manual Waste Shredder.

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Do you know? waste shredder is a heart of composting, without waste shredder you can not do composting with simple proccess, composting is proccess of bacterial action on waste, during composting we need saw dust or coco peat to accelerate composting proccess, manual waste shredder is one which cuts your organic waste into small pieces, due to cutting in small pieces, it will help to reduce waste and composting proccess accelerates which results good qaulity compost.

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What is manual waste shredder?

Shredder is device that is used to cut organic waste into small particles, how you can look at bellow video, how does it work?

shredder have multiple types, chopper type, Grinding type, double shaft, single shaft, medical waste shredder etc.

but these all shredders are used for high application, or where bulk waste generated, if you are looking for small purpose or you are looking for household or for your small garden then manual waste shredder is one option that you can use,


Are you tired of struggling with bulky organic waste? Do you want to accelerate the composting process while minimizing your environmental footprint? Look no further than a manual waste shredder! In this blog, we’ll explore the benefits and functionality of these ingenious devices, and how they can revolutionize your composting experience.

Manual waste shredder

A manual waste shredder machine is a device used to shred or chop waste into smaller particles. It helps reduce waste and accelerates the composting process. Manual waste shredder machines are commonly used for composting. They play an important role in the composting process, as they can convert any type of organic waste into compost within a shorter time frame.

How is it made?

A manual shredder is made of stainless steel as well as galvanized material. Shredder blades and hoppers are made of SS202 material, while body parts or base stands are made of iron or galvanized material. Depending on the capacity, the shredder can be made big or small. The number of blades determines the size of the shredder. It is simple in construction and easy to handle with the provided cast iron cranking handle.

Why manual waste shredder?

Manual waste shredder is device which is used to convert all organic waste into compost which is generated at your home, it cut into small pieces which is useful for decomposition of waste and good for composting process.
Manual waste shredder cut your waste into 5mm or 6mm as per requirement. There are some manual shredder which is automatic and runs on motor , but in some cases we facing unavailability of electricity problem that time you can use manual shredder to shredd waste. It cut all type of organic waste whatever you want but if you are putting hard material inside ,it is very difficult to cut material like ( bones or big bramches)

How manual waste shredder helps in composting?

composting play an important roles in waste management, composting is key of waste management, composting can be done with some bactreial action a manual waste shredder helps composting by cutting organic waste into smaller pieces. This has several benefits:

Faster Breakdown: Smaller pieces decompose quicker because microbes can work on them more easily.
Better Mixing: Shredding makes the compost more even, so everything breaks down at the same rate.
More Air: Shredded waste lets more air in, which helps good bacteria do their job without bad smells.
Less Space: Shredding reduces the volume of waste, so you can fit more into your compost bin or pile.
Better Quality: The compost comes out finer and more consistent, which is great for plants.
Fewer Pests: Smaller pieces are less inviting to pests like rats.
So, shredding waste makes composting faster, easier, and gives you better compost for your plants!

can shredd bones?

bones is hard material which is dificult to cut or crack, but you can put anytype of organic waste or vegetable waste or kitchen waste to cuts into small particle which is useful for composting process.

how to buy manual waste shredder?

manual waste shredder is indian product which is made up of SS304 or SS202 grade stainless steel material, you can contact us via mail or you can comment your querries here or youtube video which we provided bellow,

you can visit for more details on website klimrus 



manaul shredder is amazing product which is on high demand, you can contact via mail, for price and uses and have any queries.

Thank you!