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Composting is the process of breaking down organic materials into a nutrient-rich soil amendment that can be used in gardening, landscaping, and agriculture. It’s an excellent way to reduce waste, improve soil health, and grow healthy plants.

While many people think of composting as something that can only be done on a large scale, it’s actually quite simple to compost at home. In fact, there are several methods of home composting or some home composting tips that you can choose from, depending on your space, time, and resources.

In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at some of the most popular methods of home composting tips and how you can get started with each one.

1.Traditional Home Composting:

Traditional composting involves creating a pile of organic materials in a designated area of your yard. The key to successful traditional composting is to balance the mix of green and brown materials. Green materials include things like fruit and vegetable scraps, coffee grounds, and grass clippings, while brown materials include things like dried leaves, sawdust, and newspaper.

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Once you have a balanced mix of materials, you’ll need to turn the pile regularly to promote oxygen flow and speed up the decomposition process. Depending on the size of the pile and other factors, it can take several weeks to several months for the compost to fully mature.


Vermicomposting is a type of composting that uses worms to break down organic materials. To get started, you’ll need a worm bin, which can be purchased or made at home using a plastic bin with holes drilled in the lid and sides.

Once you have your bin, you’ll need to add a layer of bedding material, such as shredded newspaper or cardboard. Then, add your food scraps and watch as the worms go to work breaking them down. Worms will eat almost anything, including fruit and vegetable scraps, coffee grounds, and even small amounts of meat and dairy.

One of the benefits of vermicomposting is that it can be done indoors, making it a great option for those who don’t have a lot of outdoor space.

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3.Trench Composting:

Trench composting involves burying food scraps directly in your garden bed. To get started, simply dig a trench in your garden bed and add your food scraps. Cover the scraps with a layer of soil and then repeat the process in a different area of your garden bed.

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Over time, the food scraps will decompose and enrich the soil, providing valuable nutrients for your plants

4.Compost Tumblers:

Compost tumblers are a convenient and efficient way to compost at home. They consist of a drum or bin that can be rotated to mix the organic materials inside. This mixing promotes oxygen flow and speeds up the composting process.

Compost tumblers can be used for traditional composting, vermicomposting, or even hot composting, which involves creating a pile that heats up to break down the organic materials quickly.

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To know more about Compost Tumbler: Compost Tumblers | Convert Waste into useful Compost

5.Bokashi Home Composting:

Bokashi composting is a Japanese method of composting that involves fermenting food scraps using a special type of bacteria. To get started, you’ll need a Bokashi bin, which is an airtight container that allows for the fermentation process to occur.

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Once you have your bin, simply add your food scraps and sprinkle a layer of Bokashi bran over them. The bran contains the bacteria needed to ferment the food scraps. After a few weeks, the fermented scraps can be added to your garden bed, where they will continue to decompose and provide valuable nutrients for your plants.

In conclusion, composting is an easy and effective way to reduce waste and improve soil health. Whether you choose traditional composting, vermicomposting, trench composting, compost tumblers, or Bokashi composting, there is a method that will work for your space and lifestyle. By composting at home, you can reduce your carbon footprint, save money on fertilizers and soil amendments, and grow healthy plants that will benefit you and the environment.

One final tip: remember that composting is all about balance. Make sure you’re adding a mix of green and brown materials to your compost, and avoid adding materials like meat, dairy, and oils that can attract pests and slow down the decomposition process. With a little bit of effort and patience, you can create a rich, nutrient-dense compost that will make your garden thrive.

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Solar Powered Compost Machine is better than Electrical Automatic Machine

Compost Machine

Solar powered Compost Machine is better than Electrical machine

Solar powered Compost Machine techniques is natural composting techniques.

Compost Machine
best method to dispose waste using solar.

Today you will get every useful information about composting and Compost Machine available in market. Composting play an important role in market now a days. everyone is finding a sustainable solution to dispose waste at  home or in society there so many people are using Electrical powered compost machine which convert waste into compost.

Many  more people in life have developed their own machines which convert waste into fertilizer. many people passionate about composting techniques and new innovation about compost ideas. compost techniques is not a rocket science or skill but if you do in proper way, you will do compost within less time.  some people know this technique and  some people finding best solution to dispose waste at home or in society to make compost.  Some people use compost machine or some of them do manually.

Let’s discuss about compost machine which available in market & how does they work?

1.Electrical Compost Machine – Automatic Composter 24 hours.

Automatic Compost Machine in market have multiple disadvantages than ordinary machines , this is an automatic composter which convert organic waste into compost within 24 hours. this Machine made up of stainless steel & has square or rectangle shape. just you have put waste into machine and after 24 hours you will get output. This type of Compost Machine works on electricity for heating, mixing and ventilation purpose.

heating mixing and ventilation are main principle in composting. heating mixing and ventilation can be done with this Compost Machine consumes  electricity and make compost within 24 hours.

how does Electrical Compost Machine work?

This Type of Compost Machine is in electrical shape which consist of Electrical motor, blower and heater,
The tank & blade is made up of stainless steel and the outer body is made up of MS ( mild steel). heater, blower and motor runs on Electricity controlled by timer or PLC programming. The heater and motor and blower are not ON for 24 hours. it is On and off as per the timer setting . heater is mounted on stainless steel tank at bottom side when SS get heated and reached by 70 to 80 degrees it automatically off heaters,
A motor is used in a machine for mixing with the shaft and blades and it rotates 360 degrees. Blower is directly connected to drainage where extra water can be grounded via vapours.

Solar compost Machine

What are advantages of this machine:

1.This Type of Compost Machine is automatic, you just put your waste in and forget for the next 24 hours.
2.When you have to dispose of waste into the machine, it completely disposes of waste and reduces the volume of waste up to 80 to 90%.
3.Compost Machine is compact , it requires less space to install.
4.There is no need for a shredder machine or shredder installed on top.
5.you easily remove compost from the front side automatically.


What is Composting & how to start Composting – Guidebest Compost.

before Composting , there are two things you need to know to properly dispose of wet waste, recycle and Reuse of organic waste provides more benefits to environment like improving soil heath, recycling nutrients, mitigating the impact of droughts.
Dispose of waste can be done by decomposition techniques, there are two methods of decomposition.
2. anaerobic.

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What are dis-advantages of this machine:

1.You can not use this Compost Machine under maintenance, you need to solve problems first and then you use machine till you have to manage daily waste.
2.This type of Compost Machine is costly, due to using all metal or stainless steel, and it is not affordable.
it consumes high electricity, and also not make compost in natural way,
3. No carbon source is used in this machine, only first time culture is provided during installation. For the first 30 to 40 days we will get good compost, after that we get burnt compost.
4.Machine maintenance is high, due to the high maintenance expense of machines will be increases.

2.Semi automatic Compost Machine mixing and curring for 20 days.

This type of Compost Machine is also good at working and takes time for composting but makes quality compost but has some disadvantages as compared to others. before telling something advantageous and disadvantageous , see the entire process of this machine.

This Compost  Machine is in three steps , after segregation you have to put waste into a mixer machine for half an hour for mixing and then waste can be transferred to the curing section and cured for 12 to 15 days. some carbon  source added into waste during mixing.

waste 1 Guidebest Compost Techniques.

Advantageous of this machine:

Machine makes compost in a natural way, getting good quality compost after processing for 15 to 20 days.
Machine maintenance is less & no more electricity used.

Disadvantageous of this machine :

After mixing, waste particles are kept in the curing section for 15 days at that time smelling occurs.
here it has to use more sawdust to do composting.

Solar Compost Machine:

It is new innovative Compost Machine that used for composting and make a compost in natural way, its steps are   simple and effective, this machine is easy to operate, The Compost Machine is semi automatic, after segregation you can shred waste into shredder and use this machine for composting, composting can be done with natural way with heating mixing ventilation concept, pillow block technology i.e. bearing rolls  provided in this machine to rotate HDPE tank or crank handle to mix waste well,

Solar Compost Machine

how does machine work?

This Type of Compost Machine is made up of iron, Aluminium sheet and HDPE materials. it will take around 10 days to make compost, there are two patrician or two separate tank is provided in this machine, you can easily put your waste into tank till it get full, machine is manufacturing according to capacity or daily waste generated, if suppose your daily waste generated around 50kg, then whole capacity of machine will be 400kg whereas each partition will be 200kg, you just put into first partition or tank, it may take 4 to 5 days to fill first part, after filling first one, you use second part to fill waste till first part will give you pre compost, you can transfer into curing section to cure waste waste or degrade temperature to get final compost. final compost you can use for your garden or plantation.

below one image of Solar Compost Machine with capacity 10kg daily generated waste, total capacity of machine will be 100kg, and has partition of 50kg each, also cranking handle is provided to mix waste, on top shredder is provided to crush waste into small particles to speed the waste process.

solar Compost Machine

Advantageos of this machine:

1. This Compost Machine makes compost by natural way, giving quality compost.
2.No Electricity is required, the machine operates on Solar and manually.
3.The machine is cheaper, saves initial cost of investment.
4.Due to continuous aeration, the machine doesnt smell bad.
5.The machine has very low maintenance, also you can operate this machine under maintenance till the current problem get solved.

Disadvantageos of this machine

1.The machine takes more space as compared to any ordinary machine.
2.This process takes more time to make compost.
3.process is manual, you have to work daily here to crush waste, mix waste,

so this is differance between Electrical compost machines solar compost machines, also there are so many techniques available in market like solar compost tumbler, compost tumbler, bed composter etc. comments which technology do you like and which techniques you are using currently. also if you want more information about composting or details about solar compost machine you can visit www.klimrus.in

Composting ideas for gardening-garden Composting

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cropped cropped cropped plant 41 Guidebest Compost Techniques.
cropped Coco peat blog Guidebest Compost Techniques.

Garden Composting ideas for home – Composting ideas for garden & home

garden composting is creative composting ideas that we can make quick compost from techniques. 

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Garden composting has been around for tons of if not thousands of years. because of the exponential increase in population and also the demands that a industrial civilization need so as to sustain itself, the natural processes are put aside in relevancy fertilization of our soil in an endeavor to build up the assembly machine and at identical time forget however we tend to wont to merely go outside and start to plant our garden throughout the planting season.

With the increase of accelerating amounts of pesticides and alternative chemical imbalances in our industrialized food, there’s a quiet movement that’s growing additional loudly on a daily basis that’s moving toward a additional realistic society that involves memory however we tend to wont to produce the food that we tend to Ate everyday. Here are many recommendations on however you’ll be able to begin to make a really made soil for your new garden through Garden composting the straightforward approach.

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The first factor you ought to understand the aim of compost is that it’s wont to enhance the terribly structure of the soil itself. for example, a decent garden soil doesn’t have a tough, dry consistency thereto however it’s loose Associate in Nursingd capable of holding enough water for the plants furthermore as providing an adequate exit route for excess water and emptying. sensible quality compost will even be extra to the foremost clay crammed soils and improve their soil structure enough to yield high manufacturing quality crops. Moreover, garden composting can take your average garden and create it into a particularly fruitful and profitable garden if you decide on to plug your excess yields.

Another vital facet of the garden composting method is that the unleash of necessary nutrients like atomic number 7 to the soil and lots of UN agency use compost turn out glorious garden soil while not the necessity of any reasonably chemical in any respect. And whereas you’re doing this, you understand that not solely ar you saving cash by making compost with recycled garden waste, however {you ar|you’re} serving to the surroundings at identical time by not utilizing our several landfills for the organic material that we tend to are familiar with discard.

Now let’s get into however we will use house in our garden to start the composting method so later we will begin to combine it in and simply enter the planting method.

Most organic materials can decompose. you ought to use in your compost heap things like leaves, grass clippings, and any substance that’s organically based mostly like straw or fodder. From your room, you ought to add things like grounds, egg shells, which any organic material like left over vegetables that weren’t consumed.

If you’re a contractor, you’ll be able to even add a touch wood if you suspect that your atomic number 7 to carbon quantitative relation are too high. Obviously, don’t add residue from pets like dogs therein they’re terribly capable of passing sickness into your compost heap. conjointly don’t add things like grease or any milk merchandise as this may attract any close eutherian populations which can once more add diseases like Haunta virus to what you’re attempting to make.

Once you’re during a routine of adding these materials to your pile, you may need to wait many weeks for your ingredients to succeed in an explicit temperature. it’s throughout this stage that any remaining sickness or organisms are eliminated as a result of the pile will reach temperatures of a hundred and sixty .

Basically, this becomes reasonably a equalization act between the ingredients that you simply have extra and also the results that you simply want to attain. for example, if you have got an excessive amount of carbon-based material like paper or well aged manure your in your pile, your compost heap can have hassle reaching optimum temperatures so as to eliminate the bacterium that you simply are attempting to kill. Likewise, if you walk past your pile and smell the recent scent of ammonia, quite possible you have got an excessive amount of atomic number 7 within the pile. However, in the end, given enough time, your compost are created.

Once the compost heap is finished, you’ll be able to then begin admixture this together with your soil to counterpoint your garden space so your crops turn out plenteous and in record time. alternative prospects ar that you simply might use a trashcan or a structure like a box that you simply might create so as to carry your compost however if all you have got could be a tarpaulin that you simply will place over the compost so it doesn’t dry out, you’re in business in making the most effective material on earth for a self-made garden venture. Either way, following this terribly straightforward system for making your own compost can take little or no time or effort and can generate high yields for you and your organic horticulture family.