What is difference between aerobic composting and vermicomposting | 5 main differences.

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Composting and vermicomposting – which one is better?

Composting and vermicomposting
Difference between composting and vermicomposting.

Best thing in composting is that you don’t know which one is better , composting is techniques that is used in waste management system to dispose wet waste, before know something about aerobic composting and vermicomposting , need to understand Composting techniques,
Main thing is composting is we are making compost of wet waste to recycle or reuse and reduce, when we are making composting with aerobic techniques, then we do procedure with heating, mixing, ventilation. Also we use some carbon source to make compost fast. And in vermicomposting techniques we use vermis to make fertilizer of wet waste.

Here is difference between vermicomposting and organic composting.


Factor VermicompostingOrganic Composting
DefinitionWhat is vermicomposting?What is organic Composting?
Timeit takes around 60 to 70 days.it takes 20 to 30 days .
Waste requirement dry leaves or wet waste garden waste etc. with Crowdingkitchen waste , all type of organic waste etc. with saw dust or cocopeat.
QualityVermicomposting is better than organic composting.Organic composting quality is good, but as compared to vermicomposting its less.
PricePrice of Compost is highPrice is less than vermicomposting.
availabilityEasily available online or where compost generating plants.it is also easily available anywhere in society. or bulk waste generating plants.
Operating maintenancemaintenance is high in vermicompostingmaintenance is comparatively low as vermicomposting.
organic composting and vermicomposting differanace.

now, we understand composting process step by step;

What is vermicomposting?

Vermicomposting is natural process ,Earthworm manure is also a technology that we convert wet waste into compost, we use Earthworm to convert wet waste into compost. Uses. We say that Earthworm are the friend of the farmers as they help the farmers to increase their yield by increasing the fertility of the soil by producing proper fertilizer from the waste. Vermicomposting is an important component of organic farming which boosts the immunity of your plants. We use Vermicomposting as a granular organic fertilizer containing nutrients, hormones.

An Earthworm is an animal that lives in the soil and consumes organic matter. This process takes at least a couple of days, and he keeps only ten percent for his own body and removes the remaining ninety percent.

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What is organic Composting?

Organic Composting is process of natural process of waste dispose system in that waste can easily converted into compost with heating, mixing and ventilation process, you can understand details in composting.

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vermicomposting is longer process to produce compost, it usually take 2.5 to 3 months to make perfect and good quality compost, while organic compost is natural process but it takes less time if we processed it better. in organic composting, you can use any type of wet waste but in vermicomposting if you use Lemon, lime, orange or other citrus peels and juice (in excess this will make the soil too acidic) Onions and garlic (a good rule of thumb is if it makes you smell, it makes your worm bin smell) Meat, fats, grease, bones or oils (no butter, lard, stocks, soups, etc) you should not add in vermicomposting otherwise vermis can not sustain in this environment.

You can watch video regarding compost process:

Due to high maintenance , compost quality of vermicomposting is to much better , because of better quality compost cost of compost go high & It produce good quality compost which is very useful for plants and garden, as compared to vermicomposting , cost of organic compost or aerobic compost is less than vermicomposting.

both techniques are good but vermicomposting techniques are most powerful techniques.

advantageous of making vermicomposting is more but there are some disadvantageous also,

It is a time-consuming process

It releases a very foul odor.

Vermicomposting is high maintenance.

vermis can not sustain in high and very low temperature.

dis advantageous of vermicomposting

There are some disadvantageous of organic composting also,

Composting gives unpleasant smell
Lots of work is involved
Rats, snakes and bugs might get attracted
Lots of space is required

dis advantageous of composting

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