Installation of Solar Compost Machine at Society | Guidebest Solar Compost Machine.

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 How to install  Solar Compost Machine at Society

Solar Powered Compost Machine is one of the best solution To Dispose your Waste with Right way at Right Place. Everyone is thinking to Dispose waste or want to do Composting but no one get best Solution for composting but here you can find solution, Generally composting is techniques to adding bacterial Action on waste with Natural Process, we will have to add some addisive into waste to grow bacteria, also it is need to provide aerobic process for living Microorganism to speed composting, composting can be done by two ways.

  • 1. Natural Process -by giving sufficient Amount of Time.
  • Quick Process -by giving Electricity within less time.

First method is Best method because of its Natural Process, it results Good Quality Compost due to plenty of time, it will require longer time to make Compost but you added some carbon Source some Aeration to this Process then it will take some less time with Best Quality Compost, Solar Compost Machine is fulfilled this criteria and results Best Quality Compost. Second Methods is simple Method to Dispose waste Completely but it leaves behind carbon footprints which is not good way of composting. it will take too much less time to make compost but it will not gives quality Compost.

Solar Compost Machine 100 kg/day:

Solar Compost Machine-Guidebest Composting

 It is easy way to Dispose Waste with Proper way, when your Daily Waste is 100 kg or Above 100 kg then How to install this machine to solve waste Problem or how to Dispose is very curious question, so do not worry, you will get 1 tonnes system for 100 kg Daily waste System. you will get five tanks of 200 kg capacity each, you just use one tank for 2 days to fill 1 tank, same way you can use another 4 tanks to fill all tanks, compost would be ready in the first tank, you can remove compost from first Tank and follow same procedure, your daily waste can dispose 100 kg in the Tank and compost will get on every 10 days. Before Placing waste into Compost Machine you have to add waste into Shredder, waste can be shredded into small particles, it speeds composting Process & after Shredding waste you can put your waste into Compost Machine then you will get good quality Compost within less time. you can see following images to follow Procedure.

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Every type of wet waste you can make compost into Solar Compost Machine, solar Compost Machine on the Principle of Heating, Mixing, Ventilation, Carbon Source Technology Tanks are  Black in Colour it absorbs heat by Radiation Technology, Tanks are fitted on Pillow Block bearing Technology, Tanks have to Rotate once a day to mix waste and add Carbon Source, Control panel Control Aeration through Solar panels, Fans are operated on Solar Panel Technology. carbon Source have to add in waste for Composting Process, Carbon source means you can add Saw dust, coco peat, dry leaves, it should be 10% of your waste, tit helps to speed  composting Process   due to natural Process Machine Gives Best Quality Compost.

Additional Features of this Machine:


during rainy season, you can Run this Machine on Electricity. Electrical Option is Provided in this system, Machine is free maintenance, Odorless due to aeration, so compost Quality is good. so you have to dispose or searching best solution for Composting for your society, you must try this machine. for more details you can see videos with all set up.

You can See this video of set up of solar compost machine for installation,

Benefits of Solar Compost Machine:

1. Due to recycling material, machine is Low Cost Solution.
2. Due to continuous aeration, machine doesn’t Smell bad.
3.Machine is maintenance free, no breakdown occur.
4.Machine Easy to use, no hesitate work during handling.
for more information about this Compost Machine you can visit Klimrus Company or have any querries you ask in comment box to know more details, Share this Post to maximum people to know more about low Cost Solution of best Disposal idea 

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