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Compost Tumbler is best way to organic Waste to  fertiliser

The Compost Tumblers – The Efficient and Incredible sustainable solution for Waste Management

Compost Tumbler

There are different types of compost tumblers available in market with different technology. Some are vertical & some are horizontal or some are static, then question arise which compost tumbler is best for composting?

Here is your Answer.

As with the well-said quote goes, “Earth is for Everyone’s need, not for Everyone’s Greed.” And what we waste it , it goes somewhere else but it is on earth itself. It doesn’t matter if the compost tumbler is horizontal or vertical but the thing that only matters is mixing .Compost tumbler can remain or made static but with the cracked handle needed for mixing of waste inside. 

Actually Composting Tumbler is one of the best technology to convert your Organic Waste into compost  resulting in  best quality compost which wholly gets over minor drawback of taking too much time to compost.

 To convert the waste into efficient quality compost in tumbler, the following guidelines should be followed:

To accelerate up the composting process, initially waste can be crush or shred  into shredder which would reduce the volume of waste and facilitate for further process.( Shredder is considered to be as essential equipment for composting). The Composting Procedure takes place in three process:


In composting technology, composting tumbler convert your organic waste into compost by providing some heat or some bacterial action to waste which can convert the waste into compost easily. Composting tumbler can be place under the sun rays or can install in open space.due to in vessal composting and made up of high density polyethelene there is no more heat is required for composting. 


It is one of the most important steps of getting compost and plays a major role in it.  Due to lack of precise mixing, can lead in delays to make compost, so regular surveillance is necessary and have to rotate  with rotating or with crack handle, hence composting bacteria would  spreads all over and facilitates composting easily.

3. Ventilation:

It is one of the important step required for living Micro-organism. It prevents odour provided given ventilation is adequate to compost tumbler. It  oxalises to living microorganism. Due to these, the  bacterial action increases and enhance the quality of compost within less time.

4.Carbon Source: 

Carbon source is just the method to speed up the compost with natural process by adding some Culture powder, saw dust or coco peat or dry leaves require to make composting. It also  helps for natural heating process.

  After accomplishing all the above stages, the last step is drainage. During composting compost, creation of water content takes place during conversion of waste. Just remove water content from drum with the help of pipe or anything. So after this you can get good quality compost ready within less time.

Also it is always better to prefer pair of compost tumbler, since while first tumbler get full, second one can be use and till second gets full, compost will be ready in the first tumbler. Alternatively, the disposal of the daily waste can be done continuously.

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Which  Techniques is better- Horrizontal or Vertical?

Generally, for Composting you need to followed by above steps , you will get good quality compost but I preffer or recommend Verical Compost tumbler than horrizontal Compost Tumbler because it is easy to handel take less space, also it works fast than horrizontal. only you need to provide bearings to vertical one.

What is Capacity Of Compost Tumbler?

Compost Tumbler capacity starts from 40 litere to 210 liters in market, 210 liter capacity tumbler single unit will take 10 to 15kg daily waste till fill. vertical compost tumbler ocupy space with paiir of tumbler than horrizontal single tumbler.

For better understanding please watch video

What are advantageous of Compost Tumbler?

Advantages :

1. Cheaper than other machines of the same capacity providing the same best quality of compost.

2. Maintenance free.

3. Results best Quality Compost due to long process and natural action.

4. No Smelling, composting Tumbler is ongoing Process, you have to rotate tanks or drums ( tumbler) atleast once a day, You will get good quality compost.

5. Easy to handel: Rotation and handling is Very easy and also it is easily available anywhere if any issues created, you can replace or repaire it easily.


1. it will required open splace or more space to install.

2. you can not dispose more waste inside, you need again new one. 

For more details or in case of any grievances or queries , you can visit comment   anytime we will reply with satisfactory answer.