Stop the disease by disposing of waste at the right time

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 Stop the disease by disposing of waste at the right time

At present, the issue of waste has become a very serious issue, the question of what to do if you want to do it has arisen in front of every flat or in the place where maximum waste is generated, and it has become necessary to dispose of the waste properly. Even flats or houses where 50 kg of waste is generated daily are seen trying their best to dispose of waste, but in many places waste is not disposed of properly, which can be a health hazard. It is safe to say that in many places garbage is left unattended on the road and it spreads a foul odor, so it is safe to say that harmful waste invites good health. As much as the administration has a responsibility to solve the waste problem, it also needs to dispose of it properly for the common man.

Many people are seen falling prey to this corona due to not taking proper precautions at the present time. If we had taken precautions in time, we would not have fallen prey to it.

At present, the government needs to put in place the right system for proper disposal of waste. Some flats are constantly struggling for proper disposal of waste, even such flats it has become imperative to find the right option and get proper disposal of waste as soon as possible.

In every place, the corporation is warning every flat to dispose of the waste properly, otherwise action will be taken against you. People are seen disposing of waste properly.

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