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There are so many compost makers available in market but our machines are really efficient in working and gives natural compost. You can use any Method of composting like compost pit, compost tumbler method or Compost bins or Automatic Compost Machine.

One of the best compost maker to make compost from your waste is batch type system. In this system, simply just shred your waste into automatic or Manual Shredder which crush waste into small bits and speeds methods of Composting. Then, put crushed waste into tumbler. it would just rotate and makes the compost with aerobic process gives a sustainable low cost solution and then keep the compost into curing racks for curing Process to reduce the temperature of compost which would help in enhancing the quality of compost .

There are two machines  available in the market which works with great efficiency and provides best Quality Compost results as we believe.

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The types of machines are explained further:

  1. Vertical Compost Tumbler:

  2. Solar Powered Compost Machine

Vertical Compost Tumbler:

Composting Tumbler is one of incredible and best technology compost maker to convert your Organic Waste into compost resulting in one of the best quality compost. Compost Tumbler takes  more time to Make Compost Because of Its natural aerobic Process but provides equivalent efficient results.

Compost Maker
Compost Tumbler

Solar Powered Compost Machine:

Solar Powered Compost machine  proves to be superior over other machines and mutually beneficial to use, eliminates revenue for Power Supply, reliable and maintenance free, also prevents odor since it works on natural aerobic process with continuous aeration, low cost, sustainable, allowed to install in open space and giving its authentic efficiency while raining also. It is the most  easy solution to convert your organic waste to Compost. Waste can be convert with Solar Techniques and provides best quality compost due to natural process. 

Solar powered Composter is also good compost maker considered to be the India’s Best waste Disposal Manager. If you made the compost and had a layer of it on ground which helps others stuff to grow. You would be forgotten, but the layer of compost even at the time would help stuff grow which would always be remembered. 

Compost Maker
These are many places where our machine is installed and giving best efficiency  in Society, flats, Bungalow, restaurants, etc
We assure that the composting machine provided by us should be the best which would satisfy your needs and prove to be signficant in all ways for you also providing with a combination of low cost and Best Quality .

       Above Machines have Multiple advantageous , solving the most crucial hindrance of waste completely providing the best results in market, If you are Searching for best Solution for your Waste Disposal then this should be the obvious choice which can satisfy your fulfillment. In case of any grievances or any queries can visit us at