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What  can not compost | there are some things you never compost!

Every Compost Lover is found a difficulty while  making  compost, because they add any inorganic Material into composting process, so today it is very important to know which material is not make Compost or Which material will take more time or can not compost easily. so here we are giving information about what can not Compost.

can not compost
First thing should know about composting is compost can made up from organic Material Only, But Some waste can not compost and these waste are…

1. Oil And Grease:

 Generally Oil & Grease waste can Compost Only In Small Amount means suppose waste oils are remained in leftover meal, some food oil with food material then it can make compost but if you are considering in large amount of waste oil and that you want to make compost then it is taking to much carbon source and to much times to make compost. it affects to other material to make compost and stops or slow down composting Process, and you can not make good quality compost, so avoid oily and grease waste into organic waste composting Process. so Oil And Grease causes difficulty while composting , so it can not compost.

can not compost

2. Pet Waste/Human Waste:

Everyone know that Pet Waste and Human Waste are not easy To compost, Every People Want to Convert waste into compost or Dispose Waste. but related to pet waste and human waste it will not happen well because of bad smell and bad things insertion, it is also very harmful for human body and it affects to our healthy body, so it is not good way to make compost.

you can use trench method to dispose Pet Waste, it is not manually easy to make compost it is difficult to make compost it can not compost easily.

can not compost

3. Treated Sawdust:

Sometimes Treated Saw Dust is very harmful while making composting, compost is made up with natural carbon source, if you are adding any unwanted material as adhesive then compost process stops and will not results better quality compost. If you are using this type of compost to your plants , it will not grow or improve your plants life, so avoid to add unwanted or treated sawdust. Treated sawdust means if sawdust is created by fiber, plastic, ropes or metallic parts.

can not compost

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4. Acidic foods.

 Acid foods are harmful to make compost because composting is process to improve bacterial if you are adding high acidic foods to your waste it kills bacteria and stops or slow down composting process, if you have to make compost with good quality within less time, then it is important to know to avoid highly acidic foods.

can not compost

5. Milk products: 

If you are adding dairy or milk product to your waste then it can attract unwanted pesti to your waste and it will not improve composting process it is very difficult to treat or speed composting.

can not compost
So above are top 5 waste are adding during composting process ,it will slow down And takes more time to make compost.


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