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Easiest way to convert wet waste into compost !

Making compost ideas do it yourself.

convert wet waste into compost

There are many Waste to compost techniques available on the market, You can make compost bins or compost devices using your ideas, in this post we provide compost ideas for your simple daily waste disposal or very simple methods to convert wet waste into compost, If you are obsessed with compost or if you would like to know more about composting then it is very important to know how to dispose of waste and make your own compost bins or equipment.

Before you convert wet waste into compost, you should remember to follow the instructions.

1. You should have plenty of time to make compost, then you will get the good quality compost, composting take to much time to convert wet waste into compost.
2. If you breathe properly during the composting process on your waste compost quality it will be much better.
3 if possible, you can provide at least a little heat, then speed up the composting process and provide good quality
4. Add a certain amount of carbon source to your waste and then the carbon source action and speed-up process
5. You can add a certain amount of custom powder to your litter to avoid odor and speed up the composting process, you will get compost in a very short time.
6. The main ingredients in composting water, liquid waste has a large water content in the waste which we have to remove from the waste and make compost with dry flour.

If you follow the above steps then you can make your own compost or you can make compost bins or devices yourself.

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convert wet waste into compost

Manure bins are modern methods that can be used by everyone and make compost in a natural way, if you want to make your own drums, you can, you can make compost bin with Plastics, metal, or bricks etc., but you have a small air & Drain system, calculate your daily waste cost in your flats or in the community, and then make square bricks made of squares, you can put a proper brick gap between them, and when you pull out you will need to make holes at the bottom to remove the system.
And you have to show a good mix of waste at your end.

2. Compost tumbler

convert wet waste into compost

Now this is a very good method and most people use it. Composting tumbler has improved as compared to compost pit, proper drainage, compost aeration techniques, mixing techniques provided by Tumbler compost.
and always choose a pair of compost tumbler,  because when it fills up the first time, you can use the second one and if you use the second one, the compost will be ready in the first Tank. otherwise you can throw away your daily waste.
Technology wise Compost tumbler is a state-of-the-art composting technology that produces high quality compost within a short period of time. Klimrus Company in India Provides this type of Compost tumbler.

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3. Manure making basket:

convert wet waste into compost

You can make compost in your flats or in your home, there is no other hard work to do, just buy one basket that should have the right air from all over the market and make one mixing stick to mix the waste well, you just add sawdust and cultural powder and mix it well daily by adding waste in that basket, the compost will be ready within three to four weeks of good quality.
You can do this Project anywhere in your home or in the open, these compost basket methods should be used by everyone to avoid the spread of the waste problem.

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convert wet waste into compost

Such types of compost are produced by materials with sufficient space or material to use such techniques.
Vermicomposting techniques are also easy to use but properly using such techniques is very important, simply make one box with air like compost bin and store your waste and leave the soil flooded inside, vermicompost storage techniques are high compared to other methods but compost quality is much better compared to others strategies.
     So many techniques are available with a low cost Solution, but the above four procedures are applicable to most people.

 Vermicompost is a great way to make compost, the waste of wet waste through worms is recycled. Worms feed on wet waste and produce used manure. A suitable environment is provided for vermicomposting. However such composting processes take up a large amount of land use and time but also result in the production of the best quality. because of the natural process you have to take care of the warmth of each Nature.

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