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 Solar Compost Machine at Community level (Society Waste into compost)


Refuse what u do not need; Reduce what u do need; reuse what u consume; recycle what u cannot refuse, reduce, or reuse; and rot ( Compost ) the rest. 

How to Convert Society Waste into Compost?

Composting is the technique to dispose waste & reusing it, and adding some natural bacterial Action on waste and converting that waste into compost, Compost can be made by the process of heating, mixing and ventilation & adding carbon source  technique. For the waste disposal , Solar Compost machine can be the obvious Choice. For Exact machine,  we need to know the quantity of  waste  generated in  the Society and Complex, accordingly, can calculate the Solar Compost machine system cost required for composting the waste.
After calculation of daily waste generated , should have assurance of type of waste generated. Labour charges  depends on type of waste. For mixed type of waste it’s mandatory to segregate the waste, mixed waste comprise of dry waste as well as wet waste. Out of which wet waste can be used it for recycling process, it has some value of money, so this type of waste can crush into small pieces and can sell it to to scrap dealers and can earn fruitful handsome amount of money. Wet waste can be converted into compost by using machines or composting pit Technology, after Segregation, Solar Compost Machine plays a major role in it. It is Solar Powered, convert waste into compost with natural process, it takes time to decompose and make quality compost.

Solar Compost Machine for Society:

Society Waste into Compost-Solar Compost Machine.

How this Machine is much worth than other Machines?

  • Getting Enhanced quality of compost.

  • Solar Compost Machine has Low Cost in the market, while fulfilling all criteria as same as other machines.

  • Due to natural or aerobic Process, and continuous aeration it is completely odor free.

  • Machine does not have rotating blades inside, so machine is completely maintenance free. 

  •  Can use this machine under breakdown or under maintenance also.

  • It reduces 50% waste and get almost 40 to 50% compost with quick action.

  • Provides Environment friendly, sustainable solution to waste

  • More efficient than any other machines

  • Certified  no harmful chemicals used, only natural ingredients.

  • Waste to Compost with natural Process.

Principle of this Machine:  

Solar composting Machine for society  works on Heating, Mixing & Ventilation Principle .Here we are giving long time to de-compose waste providing  natural bacterial action on waste, There are two rotating tanks in machine each has 150-200kg capacity, Initially, insert waste into shredder which operates on electricity. The  shredder provided would be  double shaft shredder with low rpm,which would rotate and shred waste into small parts to enhance speed of composting. shredded waste then can be drawn into first tank till it gets filed, then rotate tank which is based on pillow bearing technology once or twice, due to rotating tank, waste would get  properly mixed with carbon source which results better quality Compost.It requires 3 to 4 days to fill one bin . For example; if your daily waste capacity is about 50kg, After one tank is filled , Can draw the waste in the  second tank and follow same procedure, till second tank get filled, till that compost will be ready in first tank by natural process. Since the time given to decompose waste is more and hence can get quality nutrient rich waste. Installation in the open space has advantage of getting compost ready faster due to rate of heat absorbed from sun would be more, due to presence of sunlight..  One more advantage of this machine is that it provides continuous aeration by fans which operates on solar or Electrical to prevent odor and helps to enhance quality of compost, Remove compost from first tank and keep into curing Section or storage section for 3 to 4 days,to degrade or lower the temperature . So thus, the compost would be suitable to use for various purposes.

What to do with Compost?

It is very important question that most of the people asks, when we can convert waste into the compost then stored compost has market value, you can donate it to plant nursery, farmers, local gardens or you can sell it in local market. can also sell this compost to Muncipalty or local government and can also reuse for various purposes as per one’s own requirements.

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