How to Convert waste into usable compost?

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How to Convert waste into usable compost?

The earth is all that we all have in common.

Globally 54% of the total population now resides in Urban centers around the world hustling ad bustling here and there in work leaving the waste behind unconsciously harmful not only for their life but life taking for future generations also. With so many people living close to each other results in development of businesses, trade, economy as a whole there is a generation of tons of waste. 

Convert waste into usable compost


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We at Klimrus are endeavor to provide the creative and sustainable solution of this problem by reducing the burden of waste by turning it into efficient and usable products.Since we believe waste is not waste until we leave it as a waste. 

Here’s how we do it. 

55% of the total waste produced is organic in nature. 

Organic waste when left in open attracts pest, emit methane, has foul odor and is not pleasing or creative sticky eyeballing to the eye.

We provide the machine that converts this waste into efficient and quality compost which helps to contribute us to create a better world.

Compost is a byproduct of organic waste free of foul odor and deserving for the better environment.

Initially, waste is segregated into dry waste and wet waste which requires 2 separate bins. & convert waste into usable compost.


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Once waste is segregated successfully it is followed to the shredding machine 

The shredding machine then reduces the particle size into fine bits acting as a catalyst leading to faster composting. 

The shredded organic waste particles are then added to the machine.  

The machine uses heat and energy from the sun to mix the waste and heat it to high temperature as high as 50-60 degrees Celsius.

Waste is reduced by 60-70 % due to bacterial action at such high temperatures. 

The result after 6-7 days is the production of compost from the waste. 

Convert waste into usable compost

Compost from waste could be used for 

  • Gardening (making your environment look greener and with positive vibes arriving at the spot of our lives.

  • Agriculture (food waste is nutritious for crops enhancing agriculture output)

Benefits of Composting:
  1. Compost improve your soil
  2. Helps plants absorb nutrients in your soil and gives extra nutrients .
  3. It maintain PH Value Of Your Soil
The rest of the waste generated such as plastics and paper could be shredded into smaller pieces for efficient storage and could be sold to scrap dealers for additional income. 

And the best part about the machine is that it completely works on solar energy. Meaning no hefty electricity bills. 

So why wait. Go green and save the environment as “Waste is only a resource at wrong place.” 

Convert waste into usable compost and save environment !

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