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Waste Segregation at home: Segregate Waste Before reuse.

waste segregation

To make Compost waste segregation is to much important factor in waste management system, Indian Citizen are not serious about waste segregation. most of people are not segregated waste at home. so due to that reason now waste creating mountains, mountains are the symbol of beauty not waste.

so now Every people thinking that waste segregation is very critical and very bore job, but if you are doing it any proper way so you will know that how much it is easy work. Before doing segregation it is important to know what is dry waste and what is wet waste?

how to segregate waste and how to reuse or recycle waste.

Waste segregation” means dividing waste into dry and wet. Dry waste includes wood and related products, metals and glass. Wet waste typically refers to organic waste usually generated by eating establishments and are heavy in weight due to dampness.


Why segregation is important?

If you want to reuse or recycle your any type of waste then you can , but you can not play with mixed material. Mixed material is all type of waste including everything from organic waste to hazard and harmful waste.
There are different types of waste you can segregate, but main segregation of three types.
1. Wet waste.
2. Dry waste.
3. E- waste.

how to segregate waste and how to reuse or recycle waste.

You can use any three partician or three buckets to segregate these waste.

1. Wet waste-

waste segregation

Wet waste is very important in waste segregation , wet waste is difficult to segregate from dry waste, but you start to collect or creates wet waste only. Then your work would be easy and you can reuse your wet waste to make compost or generate energy or gas.

What type of waste is wet waste- 

Fruits&peels, vegetables & Peels poultry & fish, Egg & crab shells, bakery food, chicken & meat, fast food, meal leftover, garden waste etc.

2. Dry waste-

waste segregation
dry waste has some value because it can be reuse and recycle with easy way, dry waste you can collect in bucket with using separate bucket or separate device.

What type of waste is dry waste-

Coal or Charcoal Ash, chicken & Meat big bones, dairy product,pet wastes, plastic cloth & rubbers, inorganic & hard substances, metal glass & electrode, medicine/chemical etc.

3. E waste-

waste segregation
This type of waste is very dangerous and to reuse it you have to process in crusher or shredder and reuse and recycle it. It is very difficult reuse and recycle.

What type of waste is E- waste-

E waste or simply electronic waste is the refuse that is basically a term for electronic products that have become unwanted, non working or in some cases obsolete and have reached the end of their useful life. Because of technological advances many electronic products become obsolete in a few years. E waste are TVs, computer monitors, printers, scanners, keyboards, mice, cables, circuit boards, lamps, clocks, flashlight, calculators, phones, answering machines, digital/video cameras, radios, VCRs, DVD players, MP3 and CD players.

  There are so many waste are harmful waste like medical waste, sanitary napkin, pet waste etc. are not reuse but you can dispose it in your way, to dispose these type of waste so many techniques and technology available in market.
So Segregate waste before reuse it, waste can give us money, so waste material you can recycle and reuse it, before recycle and reuse , you have to segregate waste properly at home and use method of composting, you can make compost of wet waste and you can recycle waste and earn money, if liked this post please share to maximum people.