Can We Earn Money From Waste | Guide waste disposal ideas

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How Can We Earn Money From Waste?

If we doesn’t add value, it’s waste.     

Waste is only waste, if we waste it.  It is been said that  Garbage, in its “worthless” state, is the primary fuel for creativityWe can inherently Earn Money from waste.Waste can be treated in 3 Rs. Reduce,Recycle or Reuse and also we can treat well as per our way. Waste is in multiple type garden waste, Kitchen waste , Wet Waste,  Dry  Waste etc. we can reduce or dispose this waste completely, and gradually we can recycle and reuse this waste again. 

earn money from waste

As we know, “Earth is enough for everyone’s need, not for Everyone’s Greed.” Due to the growing population, handling waste is becoming like a nightmare day by day due to its growing as a major serious issue faced by the generations  ……..

and ordinary citizens are ignoring it …..

India generates 62 million solid wastes every year … 70% of these wastes are not processed at all …
About 25 million cubic feet of solid waste is dumped at the dumping ground.
Considering the whole world, 11 billion tons of waste is generated in the world.
Even then, 50 per cent of waste is not processed. Plenty of waste also means the scarcity of resources.
Of all the waste we generate,  is perhaps the greatest symbol of our throwaway society. They are used, then forgotten, and they leave a terrible legacy.   Due to this attitude of ignorance is causing a alarming, and serious issue towards the environment creating a forefront for us to suffer the consequences. The major drawback is , Our next Generations , innocent lives would also suffer due to our unconscious or our attitude of ignorance or our people’s perception of unconsciousness even being known.

In today’s Generation, a person would be willing to spend Rs 100 on his own health … but not Rs 10 on waste disposal. But the person who is trying to save Rs 10 spends Rs 100 unknowingly on the body …. but the person is unconscious about that only polluted waste invites his healthy body.
At present, the corporation only collects garbage by sending bell carts from house to house. The amount of waste collected is burdening the corporation ….
The corporation can do this with pleasure too … just think ….. why don’t you try to keep your health fit????

Now currently if you are not Disposing Waste at your own, then, due to higher amount of waste collected, corporation burnt these garbage or reuse by converting waste into compost but a normal person doesn’t do segregation also, below video show you how waste Problem is growing up as a major issue and how to overcome it?

Watch this Video Till The End You Will get information about huge problems of waste.

There are currently many technical methods for waste disposal.

After watching this video you may know situation of waste, so how to overcome waste problem, how to solve waste management Problem and how we can earn money from waste, can we really earn money from waste , so please read what to do to make money from waste or how to earn money from waste,

Prepare yourself to keep your premises, your flat, your house clean …..
Change your mind ….. change your mind then the country will change …
What to process on waste ???

  1. Make compost from waste, plant trees, give them compost made from waste for better health of plants.
  2. Make durable items from waste … Make decorative items from plastic bottles, pipes.
  3. Reduce the use of plastic bags …
  4. Use as much paper as you need
  5. Can sell compost to Nursery, Municipalities and many more.
  6. Proper disposal of waste is the service you render to the country ….
  7. Make a compost from waste and sell it in market, it is good source to earn money from waste,

This will prove your love for the country.

So don’t Waste your waste and do not invite pollution to ruin healthy body. and Process Waste by using Composting Techniques.and enjoy a HEALTHY LIFE

so do not waste your waste material, so waste can give us money , you can use it for recycling, earn money from waste ,if you found this post valuable please share this post to maximum people to know more details about disposal method of composting.

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