Composting techniques and Methods of Composting.

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Composting techniques and Methods of Composting

Good methods of Composting & New techniques of Composting

Today Composting is playing Very important Role in market, everyone is showing interest in that filed, then is it really composting is that much important? so read all information carefully that you will get best knowledge About composting techniques & Methods of Composting

if you are looking to convert your waste into useful compost or searching best method of composting, then it is need to know what process should follow…

1. Heating



4. carbon source


Treasure From Trash is the philosophy that we follow is about the encouraging breathing life back to waste. it represents the endless possibilities we have tore-Nourish the Planet.

It is a Way of Life, where we turn our every day waste into greener place for generation to come. Thus Truly contributing towards a sustainable world.

We use the method of aerobic decomposition, Adding bacterial action on Bio degradable organic waste with heating 50-60deg. Celcius, Results in Good Quality compost.

There Are too many methods of composting, you can make compost by using machine technology, you can use compost by using solar technology or you can make compost by its own. you can know more about vermi-compost or so on.

but here we are choosing one method that is natural process and compost on solar technology. this type of technology new in the market and company Klimrus Sustainable Solution Provides Waste to Compost machine on Solar technology.

Why Composting On Solar?

           Solar is a free Energy source, we use to utilize & Save Our Cost of Electricity & Dispose Our Waste, With the help of solar energy we can convert our daily waste into compost within less time. so lets discuss this point we compared between electrical machines and Solar Machines. we found following difference between that one.

 Electrical compost Machines:

Advantageous : Fully Automatic, waste disposal 80%.
Disadvantageous : costly, runs on electricity, Machine Will not work under maintenance

Solar Compost machine:

Disadvantageous : Semi Automatic, waste disposal 50%.
Advantageous : cost effective, runs on solar( saves electricity cost), Machine Will work under maintenance.

Methods of Composting

      ” The Machine Is Patent  Device That Combines Technology with Natural Sunlight Radiation to Create Compost. The Machine Saves Initial Capital Investment due to its lower cost than Electrical machines. Additional saving are incurred due to utilization of solar energy. Gives Good Quality Compost without any problem related to pest, insects etc. Composting time in 6 days with batch type system allowed in order to take in your daily generated waste “

What Should We do first?

 Waste Segregation:

The waste is then put into one of the bins till the bin is full. The waste is then added to another bin thus giving time for the first batch to compost.

your daily waste generated have to segregate before making compost, only wet waste can be compost, before segregation you need to know that which type of material is wet waste and which type of material is inorganic material, composting material is organic type of material and that can be compost so below listing indicate that composting and non-composting material.

 CompostingFruits&peels, vegetables & Peels poultry & fish, Egg & crab shells, bakery food, chicken & meat, fast food, meal leftover, garden waste etc.

Non- Composting:Coal or Charcoal Ash, chicken & Meat big bones, dairy product,pet wastes, plastic cloth & rubbers, inorganic & hard substances, metal glass & electrode, medicine/chemical etc.

So, about Solar Composting we need to know how does solar powered compost machine system work?

 Segregated bio Degradable waste is first shredded with our kitchen waste shredder

The waste is then put into one of the bins till the bin is full. The waste is then added to another bin thus giving time for the first batch to compost.

Once the second bin is full the compost from first bin is emptied and then sent to the curing proces.

 After Successful of above three steps final compost will be ready. 

You can use this for your garden or plantation and grow a plants. your waste disposal problem can be solved and also you can get compost for your plantation. so reuse your waste by making compost by using solar machines, you can make compost without solar technology then its fine you , can but it takes some more time to make compost but that quality. also too good. 

Methods of Composting

we can give you composting method tips for without solar technology for our next blogs, you can visit our page for more details.

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to know more about composting you can visit our Composting Section click here to know more please share and comment for your valuable suggestion , so we can give you more information about waste disposal ideas.