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 What is Shredder and how many types of Shredders

Most people are confused about a waste shredder suitable for crushing waste, what types of shredders are available on the market, what type of shredder items are installed, etc. So today in this post, we give you all the information about Shredder & types of Shredders. In general, composting is a process of recycling, reducing and reusing waste. You can turn any living waste into compost using simple techniques. Before you do something you should know more about what types of materials are needed, For example, you want to make compost and then you need to separate, Shredder, heating, mixing, equipment, treatment, etc. Shredder is therefore a key tool in waste management. a system used for recycling, recycling and minimizing property damage that material can be any type of object, Shredder is used for any type of waste, e-waste, dry waste, wet waste or field waste, etc. on trash items. If you are using a plastic bottle recycling shredder, you should grind it with small particles, and send them to make any recycling material. If you use a compost shredder, then cut out small particles and speed up the composting process. Shredder capacity depends on material volume wastage. This Shredder has a high rotational speed and the volume is high and low according to each requirement, the volume is measured in volume per hour. Suppose one of the hackers has a power of 1hp (horsepower) and its power is 50 kg / hr. Handling can be pumped up to 50 kg of waste per hour. below are some types of shredders explained in briefs,

1.Kitchen Waste Shredder:

Grinding / mixing type

types of Shredders

The Kitchen Waste shredder used for all food waste produced in your home, Shredder shredd the waste and make compost in a short time. This type of shredder is made with MS or SS. Due to waste disposal Compost will be ready soon, this type of shredder has many designs.

a) Grinder type-

this type of shredder is a grinding or mixing type, you can put the waste on top of the shredder and you will get the output at the bottom, all the waste can be crushed into small particles and powder form. This Shredder Shred is all food waste that is made in the kitchen or restaurant etc. This Shredder has a high rotational speed and the volume is high and low depending on demand, the volume is measured in volume per hour. This Shredder is available in 1hp, 2hp, 3hp.

b) Chopper Type-

types of Shredders

usually this Shredder has a variety of chopper type is a very circular method with repair straps that can be cut into smaller particles and the output will enter through the net provided below. This Shredder can be used for wet waste or dry waste, this Shredder can be used for field waste as well. This Shredder is also available from 1hp to 7.5hp per need.

c) double shafted

types of Shredders

This type of crush shredder for any type of material can be dry or waste material this is the most advanced and best model that can be used by everyone, double shaft shredder has a good performance. This Shredder is available up to 15hp.

2.Medical Shredder:

types of Shredders

 This type of shredders is designed for a specific purpose, medical waste cannot be supplemented with wet waste and dry waste, this shredder is used for medical waste only, this shredder completely disposes of medical waste.

3. MSW crusher:

types of Shredders

The Municipal Waste Disposer is very well constructed and used in landfills. large waste can be disposed of in a short period of time. MSW shredder is used to crush dry waste and wet waste as well. Apart from this there are many types of shredder also available, and they can be customized according to our need.

apart from this type of shredders, there are more type of shredders available in market, to know more details about shredders and types of shredders you can visit klimrus company or ask in comment box if have any queries, thanks for reading please share this post to maximum people to know more about waste shredder.

Waste to Compost Machines | Guidebest Composting.

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Is Waste to Compost Machines is good way to dispose waste in proper way..??


Composting seems a feasible way to solve some of the problems associated with waste management, regarding waste management. The circular stated that entities that generate more than 100 kg of wet- waste every day should install within their own capacities to dispose the wet waste. Therefore a lot of entities have made various attempts to segregate the wet waste generated at source from the inorganic waste and utilized the wet waste generated for composting processes. The following techniques have been utilized by them.

 USE of Compost Machines:


Various shopping malls, industrial setups, offices have been using a in-vessel waste composting machine which is basically a mechanical machine that works using electricity, manual labor to convert the wet waste generated into usable compost. The following image shows the machine which is used.


Waste to Compost Machine:


Waste to Compost machines

* A typical in vessel waste to compost machines based on electric power.


Such machines have capacities ranging from low as 5 kg per day to 500 kg per day of wet waste to compost. These machines are the fastest when it comes to create compost. It usually converts the waste into usable soil additives within a 24 hour time.  However the major drawback of the machine is the requirement of electric power which adds to the cost and also the initial capital investment needed to purchase these machine. 

Such machines are now being installed at various places in Mumbai from where BMC does not collect waste. 


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in vessel bio gas waste generator:

Waste to Compost machines

Another Waste to compost machines that solves the issue of wet waste is an in vessel bio gas waste generator(See image above )

Here the operation is simple, the wet waste generated is put into the plastic tanks and with enough time to generate an-aerobic process slurry and bio gas can be collected to generate useful energy. Bio gas generated from such processes can be utilized as a gas to produce heat necessary for cooking purposes. However the bio gas production takes time to generate and also the machine is bulky which would take up space for large amount of food waste disposal.

Manual composting machines. 


This types of Waste to Compost machines are simple in construction which is basically a rotary device which can be rotated manually with the help of a handle. The idea is to store wet waste in such containers and usable compost will be created naturally in a span of 15-20 days. The machine needs to be rotated in order to ensure better mixing and aeration of the waste. However the process though is less costly takes time to create compost and might not be feasible with large generation of food and wet waste. Also will require ample space. See image.


a typical rotary bin composter. There is also an image of shredder which shreds large wet waste particles into smaller particles for faster composting. 



Waste to Compost machines

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Vermicomposting and Composting pits 


Various methods that incorporate wet waste composting through the use of earthworms have also been undertaken. The worms eat away the wet waste and produce usable compost. An suitable environment is provided for vermicomposting to take place. However such composting processes take huge amount of land and time consumption as well.  


vermicomposting pile of wet waste. 



Waste to Compost machines
Such type of composting is produced by entities which have ample space or property to use such techniques.

Compost Tumbler:


Actually Composting Tumbler is one of the best technology to convert your Organic Waste into compost  resulting in  best quality compost which wholly gets over minor drawback of taking too much time to compost. compost tumbler is best Waste to compost machines that solve waste problem or dispose waste with low cost solution.

Composting Tumbler is one of incredible and best technology to convert your Organic Waste into compost resulting in one of the best quality compost. Compost Tumbler takes  more time to Make Compost Because of Its natural aerobic Process but provides equivalent efficient results.

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Solar Compost Machine:

Waste to Compost Machine

This is Manual Machine with easy to use, it is made up of Aluminium or stainless steel as per customization, This machine works under sun rays or Electrical option is provided during rainy season. this machine has timer control for ventilation, this machine basically works on heating, Mixing and Ventilation and carbon Source.there are two partition is provided in the machine, your daily waste you can add in the first partition till it get fill, whenever first partition is full, you can use second partition to fill, so after filling second partition  , you will get compost be ready in first Partition. you can use this compost for your garden, plantation.

solar Powered Composter is Considering India’s Best waste Disposal Manager. heating can be done with natural sunlight which maintain up to 50 deg Celsius, in rainy season you have to add more carbon source to speed composting. mixing will be done manually in the machine, here provided high branded stainless steel shaft with gear mechanism to rotate easily. so here machine will not damage or crack.ventilation is process to avoid smell in Composting, also due to ventilation compost would be made easily and fast. carbon source is main key or heart of composting, you need to add some of carbon source in composting to speed up. carbon source is basically brawn material like saw dust, coco- peat, hay, dry leaves etc.

These are machines Available in Market , people are using and Solving Waste Management Problem and Disposing Waste in Proper way with these techniques.


Pre Eminent Compost Maker | Guidebest Compost

Waste guidebest


There are so many compost makers available in market but our machines are really efficient in working and gives natural compost. You can use any Method of composting like compost pit, compost tumbler method or Compost bins or Automatic Compost Machine.

One of the best compost maker to make compost from your waste is batch type system. In this system, simply just shred your waste into automatic or Manual Shredder which crush waste into small bits and speeds methods of Composting. Then, put crushed waste into tumbler. it would just rotate and makes the compost with aerobic process gives a sustainable low cost solution and then keep the compost into curing racks for curing Process to reduce the temperature of compost which would help in enhancing the quality of compost .

There are two machines  available in the market which works with great efficiency and provides best Quality Compost results as we believe.

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The types of machines are explained further:

  1. Vertical Compost Tumbler:

  2. Solar Powered Compost Machine

Vertical Compost Tumbler:

Composting Tumbler is one of incredible and best technology compost maker to convert your Organic Waste into compost resulting in one of the best quality compost. Compost Tumbler takes  more time to Make Compost Because of Its natural aerobic Process but provides equivalent efficient results.

Compost Maker
Compost Tumbler

Solar Powered Compost Machine:

Solar Powered Compost machine  proves to be superior over other machines and mutually beneficial to use, eliminates revenue for Power Supply, reliable and maintenance free, also prevents odor since it works on natural aerobic process with continuous aeration, low cost, sustainable, allowed to install in open space and giving its authentic efficiency while raining also. It is the most  easy solution to convert your organic waste to Compost. Waste can be convert with Solar Techniques and provides best quality compost due to natural process. 

Solar powered Composter is also good compost maker considered to be the India’s Best waste Disposal Manager. If you made the compost and had a layer of it on ground which helps others stuff to grow. You would be forgotten, but the layer of compost even at the time would help stuff grow which would always be remembered. 

Compost Maker
These are many places where our machine is installed and giving best efficiency  in Society, flats, Bungalow, restaurants, etc
We assure that the composting machine provided by us should be the best which would satisfy your needs and prove to be signficant in all ways for you also providing with a combination of low cost and Best Quality .

       Above Machines have Multiple advantageous , solving the most crucial hindrance of waste completely providing the best results in market, If you are Searching for best Solution for your Waste Disposal then this should be the obvious choice which can satisfy your fulfillment. In case of any grievances or any queries can visit us at

Low Cost Manual Waste Shredder | Guidebest Compost

manual Guidebest Compost Techniques.

Low Cost Manual Waste Shredder | Waste shredder manual

Manual waste shredder

It is Manual waste shredder which shred all kind of organic waste to compost in small particles, composting shredder shred waste and speed composting process, Manual Waste shredder is one type of grinding or chopping machine which cuts waste material into small particle and reduce volume of waste, it help to grow bacterial action during composting. due to manual shredder waste decomposes quick and it help to make compost in less period. When you following a composting Procedure , after segregation of wet waste , you follow second step of shredding waste. Some times cutting or chopping of wet waste manually is big and very difficult job, so we finding a low cost solution which cuts or shred wet waste with efficiently with automatic or Manual.

Waste can  divided in two types, waste inorganic waste.

Organic waste is all type of wet waste that can we make a compost while 

inorganic Waste you can not compost, it have some market value that you can shred into different double shaft shredder or chopper Shredder.

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First step to convert your organic waste into compost is shred all waste into small particles to speed composting.

How Does it Work?

Manual waste Shredder is shredding of all organic Waste Manually by rotating cranck Handel or chopping of Waste Manually. when you put or insert your waste on top hoper into shredder you just rotate handle provided and you will get small or cutting particles or Shredded waste at output side, you can collect this waste and use it for next steps for Composting.

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What are features of Manual Waste Shredder?

1. Manual Shredder is made up of stainless steel material its body 

2. Cutting blade is made up of SS304 grade stainless steel.

3. blade is sharpen and welded with  TIG welding

4. all parts are highly compact, and with good Quality.

Why this Shredder is Better?

1. Shredder is Made up of SS202 & SS304, which is highly compact, and maintenance free.
2. Easy to handle with manual rotating Cranking Handel, anyone can easily rotate this handle and can use this shredder.
3. It is low cost machine which you cuts your all types of organic waste instead manual cutting.

Working of Manual Waste Shredder:

Everyone know that Shredder is very important part in composting, without Waste Shredder it is a very difficult job to make compost within less time, you need proper shredded waste for fast composting Process.

This Shredder is Easy to operate , Handel Provided is use to rotate to make small particle of waste which is useful to make compost in easy way.

For better understanding you can see videos of Manual Shredder.

The main function of shredder is to cut waste into small particles, that small particles are easily processed with any processing or natural composting machine that create compost, due to shredder no more time taken to make compost, because natural decomposition occurs to small particle.
you can use this shredder to your kitchen, garden, home etc. 
due to manual process into shredder, shredder will not required any Electricity. you can shredd waste into this shredder with no limit, but on an average minimum 20-30kg daily waste you can shredd into the shredder.
you can add any type organic waste into shredder, if hard material found into shredder then you can rotate it reversly and take out this material out to increase life of shredder.

Can we shred chicken bones? 

Can we shred branches of leave etc?

most common question about this shredder asked to many people,  This manual shreder is made up of Stainless steel, blade is sharpen and have good quality parts to cut your waste but big bones can not cut into this shredder, this shredder is for food waste and garden waste, you can shred dry leaves or wet leaves but if  big branches of tree can not cut into this shredder.
you can shred any type of organic waste like fruits, meal leftover, kitchen waste onion, tomato, potato etc.

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How to Install manual Waste Shredder?

When you Order this shredder online , you will get parcel with disassemble  parts assemble it as per video instruction and you can use this shredder you can see following video indicates assemble of Manual Shredder.

So this shredder quality is best but you should care about this shredder to not use for commercial purpose. 
Company Klimrus Solution is manufacturing this Shredder and supply this shredder anywhere in India, for more details you can visit klimrus.

you can contact us to know more detail about this machine.